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Email Marketing on the Wix Mobile App

Basic Flow

In 2018, Wix launched a new mobile app, giving users the ability to manage their site and business on-the-go. Users can invite people to join their "place" on the app; 10,000 of these basic invites are sent every day.

Email Marketing is one of Wix's most popular marketing tools, so it only made sense to bring it to the mobile app. Adding it to the app would also allow integration with the invite flow, capturing 30% of new app users.

We set out to create a mobile version of the legacy desktop tool. This included mobile-first templates, an email composer with almost all the functionality as desktop, and a complete send flow (including verification).

Other States & Cases

Besides being able to create and send emails from start to finish, we also had to create an email campaign dashboard, messaging about their campaign allowance, functionality for interacting with emails created on desktop, error states and more.

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