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Facebook Ads by Wix


Project Overview


Facebook is one of the best advertising platforms in the world. It's also one of the most complicated. To help our users with this important tool, Wix developers created a machine-learning algorithm that does the work for them.

Wix takes care of almost everything, making it easy for a user to set up a campaign. More importantly, Wix has an AI algorithm that optimizes their campaigns, offering them something they won't get on any other platform.​

I worked on this product for 2 years and was involved in every aspect of it, from the very first wireframe to the most recent feature release. 

Facebook Ads by Wix is incredibly complex behind the scenes, so the messaging around the AI algorithm and all the optimizations we do for the user has been critical.

Campaign Creation

Campaign Creation

From the very beginning, it's important to explain to users the main benefits of using Wix to run their Facebook ad campaign: our proprietary AI that handles all ad optimization and the direct integration with their store catalog.

Users can choose between a dynamic product ad or a classic (static) ad. A dynamic product ad is linked directly to their store catalog and the ad creative comes from the products themselves. A classic ad links to just one page on their site, and requires the user to upload their own creative.

We've tried to find a balance between feeling incredibly easy to set up but also giving the user enough control to feel comfortable.

Campaign Dashboard

After creating a campaign, users get to their campaign dashboard. This is an important tool for users to understand the success of their campaign, and for overall retention to the product. The more users are aware of their campaign's progress, the more likely they are to continue running a campaign.

The campaign dashboard is visual and engaging. It also allows us to communicate milestones and happy moments, as well as encouragement to wait while the algorithm learns.

78% of users come back to their dashboard after 1 week of launching their campaign. After 5 weeks, 41% are still coming back.

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Error Communication

Error communication is always important in any product, and it's especially important in a product that relies on a third-party app. There are so many things that could go wrong - Facebook could reject their campaign, their Facebook account could get disconnected, and so on.

My goal with all of this messaging is to keep it eye-level, actionable and positive whenever possible.

10% of campaigns end due to issues with their Facebook account, so this messaging really is critical.


End Campaign Messages

Through user calls, we realized that a lot of people were ending their campaign without realizing how successful it had been. Alternatively, a lot of people were ending their campaigns before the algorithm had enough time to learn and optimize the most efficiently. We wanted to address this through dynamic messaging when the user clicks "End Campaign".

There were 3 messages, each tailored to the success and length of a user's campaign. Since launching these, we've seen a 12% decrease in users ending their campaigns.

We also added a feedback form, so that we could better understand what was causing users to leave. This information has been huge for us - it helped us identify a technical bug, it determined our next feature release, and more.

End Campaign Messages
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