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URL Redirect Manager

Single & Group Redirects

URL redirects (in this case, 301 redirects) are important so users maintain their SEO ranking and don't lose site traffic. While Wix has had a URL redirect feature for many years, it was hidden in a settings panel and not user-friendly. Users could only do internal redirects (from 1 page of their site to another).

This new tool gave the URL redirect manager a fresh new look. It also gave users the ability to redirect to an external website. Lastly, we implemented the ability to make "group redirects", or redirect all URLs that share the same prefix. This was a game-changer for pro users.

Import & Export Feature

Next, we implemented the ability to import up to 500 redirects at a time and export all redirects into a CSV file. Wix Partners and professional SEO users need these functions to really do their jobs properly.

Bulk Actions Feature

In addition to the import/export feature, we also implemented a "bulk actions" feature. This allowed users to do bulk actions like delete and export.

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