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I oversee many different initiatives in my role, and am ultimately responsible for their success. Here are just a few examples of the ongoing programs, projects and efforts that I lead.


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UXW student program

Every year, we run a student program for UX writers. We hire 6 students and give them a "UX writing bootcamp". Then, they join different product teams for the school year under the leadership of a mentor. The goal is to train the next generation of UX writers, and to provide growth opportunities for current writers.


UXW enrichment week

This year, we held our first-ever enrichment week. We offered 8 sessions covering a variety of topics for our UX writers. The goal is to further develop our UX writers' skills so they can write high-quality content, and work effectively with their teams. We aim to offer this annually.



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Generative AI guidelines

With the launch of generative AI, there was suddenly a vacuum across all writing disciplines. How did we want to talk about AI at Wix? What language are we using? How do we keep it consistent across all touch points? I took the initiative to create these guidelines for all 200 writers at Wix. I worked with legal, marketing, product and UX to develop them. I continue to maintain them as AI standards develop.


Recruitment, retention and performance evaluations

I am responsible for our recruitment processes, evaluating the performance of our current writers, overseeing internal mobility and advising when I think a writer is not meeting our expectations. This requires me to work with management stakeholders across the company, and to always have my finger on the pulse.

Curriculum Vitae
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