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Here you can find a few examples of the work I've done in recent years.

Because I am in a management position, it's not your traditional portfolio.
Instead, I've chosen to highlight some examples of the projects I've spearheaded and workshops I've led.

Other work samples

These are other examples of posts I've had published and talks I've given.

Published posts

How to Run a UX Writing Review with Non-Writers

LogRocket | May 2023

If UX writers want to be invited to product kickoffs and design reviews, then it's only fair they do UX content reviews as well.

How We Moved from Content Docs to Abstract

UX Content Collective | Aug. 2020

Content is design and design is content. So my team moved from content docs to writing directly in design. Here's what we learned. 

When You Don't Feel Like the Strongest Writer in the Room

Wix Words Matter Blog | Oct. 2018

Imposter syndrome. It's real, it's crippling, and it strikes everyone at some point in time. Check out a few tips for dealing with it.

More than Words:
UX Writing Soft Skills

UX Writing Hub | Jan. 2023

Some of the most important skills for UX writers have nothing to do writing, and everything to do with your soft skills.

Why Living in a Foreign Country Makes Me Love Words Even More

Wix Words Matter Blog | Jan. 2019

I live in a country where I don't speak the language. It's only increased my love for words and all things writing - in any language.

Speaking engagements

The Wix Way of Writing

Wix Product Lifecycle Meetup Series Dec. 6, 2022

Wix has one of the largest UX writing teams in Israel, so we've learned a thing or two about writing good UX text. In this talk, I talked about the Wix way of writing. Starting with the foundation that lets us work in the way we do, I then talked about a few of the writing principles that we follow. Then I discussed how we keep our voice consistent across 65+ writers and a gazillion (actual number) products.

Attendance: 150 people

Winging It: From UX Writer to Manager

CrowdStrike TLV Meetup (Virtual)

Nov. 16, 2021

Overnight, I went from being an individual contributor to a team lead. It was a big transition, and one that I saw lots of my colleagues also go through at the time. So in this talk, I shared the insights I gained when going from being a UX writer to a UXW manager.

Attendance: 70 ppl.

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